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Best Homemade Vermicelli Delight in Lahore

Vermicelli Delight

PKR 650.00

(4-6 Person)

Vermicelli Delight or Saviyaan is Eid's favorite and is considered Mughlai. This sweet dish has been winning hearts ever since. Its English name is Vermicelli but in the Subcontinent it is known as Sewaiyan. It is a type of pasta, which is from the family of spaghetti but, a thinner version of it. A delicious sweet dish made by stir-frying vermicelli in clarified butter with sugar and dry fruits; Seviyan is also served at special events and gatherings. Vermicelli is a delightful dessert for everyone. Seviyaan; noodle term. Vermicelli or sev are crisp fried noodles prepared from besan flour. To make them a special press, a sev maker is used. They are a popular snack food in the subcontinent. Seviyan (also seviya, sivayya, shavayi) usually refers to a sweet dish of vermicelli noodles [made from flour, and or flour, semolina]. The desert has its origins in Mughal cuisine, and combines roasted vermicelli with condensed milk, cardamom, pistachios, saffron, and ghee, and can be served either hot or cold with a decoration of silver leaf. Vermicelli delight is a customary Muslim festive breakfast or dessert dish and is served to family and friends to show hospitality and joy on this happy occasion.

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