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Homemade Tasty Steam Piece Achari Flavor in Lahore

Steam Piece Achari Flavor

PKR 1380.00

(6 pieces)

The achari chicken is a dish that has been enjoyed in Pakistan for centuries. It's the traditional Pakistani meal that was typically reserved for special occasions or family gatherings.However, recently, more and more people have been dining on the achari chicken as their daily meal. In fact, it has become one of the most popular dishes served in restaurants around Pakistan. The dish becomes more delicious with naan,khamiri roti, and rice. An achari chicken is a dish that's typically prepared with an assortment of spices. The dish consists of marinated chicken pieces that are cooked with yogurt, oil, and green chilies. Achari Chicken is filled with achari flavor that comes mainly from the fenugreek seeds, black onion seeds, and fennel seeds. You can even add in some pickled achar for extra achari flavor. This achari chicken is the same way as a normal chicken korma. Like a chicken korma, you don’t need to add any tomatoes. Salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder, paprika powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, yogurt, and spices are the main ingredients aside from the chicken of course. The achari spices are added at the end and cooked on low under steam. This also allows the chicken to cook fully. You can enjoy this achari chicken with rice or alongside chapati or naan.Steaming is an ideal method for cooking chicken . It retains the flavor, tenderness and moisture through the use of steam. It is a healthy method of cooking because no additional fat is used.

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