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Best Homemade Special Chatkhara in Lahore

Lahoris are known for their love for food. This city is well known for its variety of food items and the taste of local cuisine is simply amazing. In chatkhara category, we offer aloo chana chaat and dahi bhallay.A great snack for everyone for all seasons.No body denies their flavorful texture. It's also a staple meal in Ramazan.Chana chaat is a tasty, tangy, and easy variety of chaat snacks made with white chickpeas (chana or chole), spices, herbs, onions, tomatoes, and lemon. Dahi bhalla are deep-fried lentil fritters dunked in creamy yogurt, topped with different kinds of sweet-spicy chutneys, and then garnished with spice powders.Dahi bhalla is one of the most popular chaat items in Pakistan. At the heart of our dishes is a bespoke mix of freshly ground spices and herbs, from our traditional masala recipe to specially created blends guaranteed to delight your senses. Chatkhara category offers famous Pakistani snacks, like Dahi bhally and aloo chana. Four season snacks, can't deny traditional food importance. Both are healthy meals and full of nutritional values and are scrumptious meals. Our mission is to give the customers homemade food to enjoy authentic flavors at an affordable price. We serve the best-tasting and high-quality food that is made with fresh ingredients.

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