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Best Homemade Quince Murabba in Lahore

Quince Murabba

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Homemade Quince Murabba

Quince is an ancient fruit native to various parts of Asia and the Mediterranean.Quince is also referred to as Bahi or Sarfarjal fruit.Quince fruit belongs to the apple family because it has a golden peel and is white from the inside. There are two types of this fruit, one sweet and the other sour.It is usually not eaten in raw form; instead, it is commonly made into a jam known as Bahi ka murabba. The seeds of this fruit, Bahi dana, benefits are astonishing. The importance of this fruit has been mentioned in various Hadees and proven through multiple kinds of research.Quince benefits for cardiac problems and chest health have been mentioned in many Hadees. It has been linked to relieving pressure from the chest and healing heart disease.Improve Digestive Health,Improves Immunity,Protects from Allergies and Dry Cough,Quinces contain vitamin C and fiber, two nutrients that support a healthy immune system. They may also have antibacterial properties.Functions as an antibiotic and antioxidant.It is suitable for all seasons. According to the Hadees, eating Quince fruit in the morning before eating anything else for maximum benefit is can take this fruit in form of murabba .Quince murabba has multiple benefits for our health, it is still high in calories and sugar. So, overconsumption can cause weight gain and should be used by diabetic patients in low quantities.

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