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Best Homemade Testy Mutton Kunna in Lahore

Mutton Kunna

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Homemade Mutton Kunna


The name Kunna means clay pot in Punjabi. Originated from the Chiniot district in the state of Punjab Pakistan; In the Punjabi language, an earthen pot is called 'Kunna' or 'Mat-ka'. That's why this curry is also called 'Matka gosht (gosht means meat.) The technique is slow, underground cooking. The distant heat cooks the meat for four to six hours and makes it very tender. Originally, kuna is made from the mutton shank or mutton leg cut into pieces. But with innovation and an increase in demand, kuna is made commercially with beef and chicken too. Kunna is a heavy meat dish that is made with several spices and tender mutton. The dish is served with hot naan and is enjoyed heartily throughout the subcontinent. Mutton Kunna is one of the most tempting meat dishes in Pakistani Food, that has a delicious thick gravy. It serves in a clay pot at weddings. Meat, ginger, garlic, red chili powder, salt, cumin, aniseed, black pepper, dry ginger, cardamoms, cloves, nutmeg, and mace are the main ingredients. Flour is the key ingredient, dissolve in some water. Lastly, put the fry golden onion add it to the kuna.

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