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Best Homemade Mint Sauce in Lahore

Mint Sauce

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Homemade Mint Sauce


A chutney is spread in the cuisines of Pakistan. Chutneys are made in a wide variety of forms, such as tomato relish, a ground peanut garnish, yogurt or curd, cucumber, spicy coconut, spicy onion, or mint dipping sauce. Chutney is a gluten-free, spicy, or savory condiment. Most chutney varieties are basically served as a dipping sauce with snacks. Some of the chutney variants are served as a side with the main course of Pakistani meal while some of them are used as toppings for the awesome Pakistani chaat snacks. Here you find many variants of chutneys that are healthy and delicious. Coriander chutney/cilantro, chutney.Tamarind chutney, Red chili, Green chutney, Coconut chutney, Tomato chutney, Peanut chutney, Onion chutney, Mango chutney, Chutney for dosa, Chutney for chaat sandwiches and snacks. Mint chutney is also known as pudina chutney is a spicy, flavorsome, and healthy Indian side dip made with fresh mint leaves and spices like chilies, garlic & cumin. Mint leaves are known as “pudina”.Mint Chutney is used for Snacks, Serve it with samosas, pakoras, or spread it over sandwiches, wraps, or rolls. Yogurt Mint Chutney Sauce: This is the traditional Pakistani-style mint chutney served with kebabs and Tandoori fish or chicken.

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