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Best Homemade Chicken Peas Samosa in lahore

Chicken Peas Samosa

PKR 380.00

Homemade Chicken peas Samosa

Quantity: One Dozen
Mum's Kitchen is introducing another product: Chicken Peas Samosa, a classic appetizer and snack that is filled generously with our special chicken-pea filling. Seasoned just right with spices, it has a unique taste that sets it apart from all others. Its crispy golden shell along with the delicious chicken peas mixture inside make our samosa even more irresistible. We located delicious, fresh, and organic food.Chicken and peas are another perfect mix.It's simple and very flavorful samosa. The flavors are mild enough that you don't have to add any additional spices or seasonings. We serves the best-tasting and high quality food that is made with fresh ingredients.

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