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Best Homemade Carrot Murabba in Lahore

Carrot Murabba

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Homemade Carrot Murabba

Carrot murabba is used as an eye tonic and for the treatment of eye diseases and vision problems. It's also an ayurvedic medicine and making gajar ka murabba is easy but takes time as the carrots are slow-cooked in sugar solution. It is also a nutritious sweet preserve that is also beneficial for general debility, weakness, fatigue, and mental stress. Carrot murabba, prepared from carrot pulp offers beautiful skin to reverse the aging process. Cancer prevention, clearer vision, anti-aging properties are some of the amazing benefits offered by the superfood, carrots. The dessert, carrot murabba, prepared from carrot is incredibly healthy and is a sweet preservative. It’s a fantastic tonic for chest pain. It can aid in treating sleeplessness, physical ailment, weariness, skin issues, and tuberculosis. Carrot murabba is an excellent health supplement for increasing energy levels. It increases calcium levels in the body, which helps to maintain bones strong. Carrot murabba helps to prevent the body from infections. It also prevents heart stroke. It helps to boost the calcium in the body to keep the bones strong.

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