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Best Homemade Arabian Divine in Lahore

Arabian Divine

PKR 850.00

Best Homemade Arabian Divine in Lahore

Arabian Divine delight is a great homemade delight. We are focused on providing high-quality products, with fresh ingredients and an authentic taste. All of our sweets are made by hand, using traditional methods. Arabian Divine Delight is a Middle Eastern delight. The texture is a smooth, creamy vanilla flavor-a taste that is very much admired. We added biscuits crumbs to the top so it would have crunchy and tasteful bites. Adding some fruits as toppings makes it mouthwatering and more delightful. This dessert is simple, yet still relies more on natural sweetness. It would be a great fit for tea time or Iftar dinners as well as those times when you're looking for something healthier and simpler. it's simple to make, but packs in a lot of flavors. Once you get into it, you will never forget its unmistakable taste and how full it can leave you feeling. 

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